Your Admin Hub was founded by self-professed loopy lady Lindi Smit in early 2018.

Having spent most of her career working in the public sector doing everything from making coffee to strategic decision making, she decided enough was enough, and the corporate world was just not for her anymore. It was too dull, too boring, and too… grey. Very un Lindi-like. So instead, she decided to spend more time at home with her daughter and her two Daxie dogs. But Lindi isn’t one to just sit still, and she very quickly found herself restless. She found herself watching her friends and family struggle with full-time work and managing their households, and it got her thinking, what if she could use her own ‘very particular set of skills’ (complete with Liam Neeson impression) to get back into work and support people like them.

And so, Your Admin Hub was born. Unlike other virtual assistant companies, we cover all angles life can throw at you, both personal and business wise. So, whether you need a party planned for your mum or your diary managed for work, we can help.


Anna has been working behind the scenes with Your Admin Hub for a while, but she’s a little shy, so it took a while for her to come out of the shadows and shine as her own amazingly bright VA star. Before joining the team Anna was a full time mum to her 2 children, Isabella and Max, and furry-mum to cats Coco and Poppy (who love playing wind-up with Buttons and Gizmo) - which means she is possibly the best multi-tasker you have ever met. Which is a good job really, since that’s the best quality a VA can have!

She loves the flexibility of working from home and being able to fit everything around her children (and the football) schedule, and is the perfect person to give you nice warm hugs when you’re feeling a bit down. Anna loves to learn new things, so the more complicated the job you have for her the better.


Leigh is the kind of person you will find rocking her job, at any time of day, whilst baking and cooking up a storm . Which frankly, we love, because being a VA means you get to do that sort of thing and still be amazing at your job. But don’t let that fool you, she’s an experienced and dedicated VA who can whip you into shape. Before finding her true calling, Leigh worked for over 20 years in hospitality and event management, organising both small and large-scale events from the ground up, and making sure everything ran smoothly on the day. In short, she can keep you on track and ship-shape, no matter what the task!

It also means she can adapt to pretty much any situation you throw at her and handle it like a pro – putting all of that experience and skill to good use. Flexibility is the mark of a good VA after all, and Leigh has it in spades. And the biggest adaptation of all? Raising her wonderful sons, and then becoming Nana to her (in our opinion) gorgeous grandchildren, who rule her world and always know how to get what they want.

Two sausage dogs



Gizmo & Button

Every superhero needs a sidekick, and lucky Lindi has two! Button and Gizmo are two tiny dachshund’s with the biggest superhero capes we could find.

Lindi is convinced that Button can talk, and regularly uses him as a sounding board and extra brain space when she needs it. All he needs is a bow tie and clipboard to complete the illusion, and we hear they’re arriving next week.

Gizmo, on the other hand, isn’t as intellectually gifted as her brother. She’s the Your Admin Hub cheerleader, resident instapuppy and head of ‘barketing’, making sure Lindi always has a smile on her face.

Be a
flamingoflamingo in
a flock of




Where it all began....

Lindi is one of those people who is powered by positivity. She might be a handful at times, and if you get excited her accent comes out and she talks super-fast (so she might be a little difficult to understand), but you will always end up with the most positive and powerful result possible with her at your side. And the bigger, more complicated and chaotic the problem you bring her, the more excited she will get. So go ahead and pile it on!

Nothing brings this excitement out more than her love of working with children. With a background in musical theatre, she spends her free time teaching dance and helping children learn that when you work hard, magic happens. She could happily sit with a child for hours just to help them learn to count to 5, and she’s sometimes convinced she runs on the improvement and betterment of children. Including her own little girl – Chloe Beth – who is just as loopy as her dear old mum!

Through it all, Lindi has always been the ‘queen of organisation’. She’s always been able to juggle a hundred things at once, and somehow still manage to get dinner on the table on time. She uses this skill to help business owners and busy individuals live easier, simpler, and more organised lives. And really, who doesn’t want that?

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