Can A VA Give You An Easier Life? Hell Yeah! And Here’s 4 Ways How

Have you ever wondered what us VAs actually spend our time doing? Why do people hire us, and what are the kinds of tasks we end up working on in a given day? Don’t worry – everyone’s wondered at one point or another! And the truth is, it could be almost anything. That’s the beauty of virtual assistant services. We’ve talked before about the kinds of things we can do and why we do them before, but today we wanted to shift the focus onto you. Specifically, to look at a few of the things that we can offer that can make your day, and your life, just a little easier. Because let’s be honest, life is hard enough right now!


You’ve been meaning to find and register for upcoming networking events (albeit online ones right now), but just don’t have the time. When was the last time you checked out the latest market trends relevant to your business? How about collating all the information you need to write your next marketing whitepaper, or arranging your travel logistics (especially as complicated as it is now!). VA services are built for research, making them the perfect companion for tasks like this. Handing off research tasks to a virtual assistant means you can focus on running your business, and benefit from the skills and knowledge they bring at the same time.

Email Marketing

Working with virtual assistant services to help grow and market to your database of contacts is a really common option, and a classic example of how a virtual assistant can add value. Your virtual assistant can help you create a new email marketing list in programmes such as MailChimp, add or remove subscribers, create and schedule email marketing campaigns, edit and create autoresponders and handle any follow up from your marketing sends. Quick, simple, and most importantly, not taking up any of your valuable time.

Data Entry

Whether it’s a slew of new businesses cards you picked up at a conference or updating your databases to comply with new legislation *cough* GDPR cough, keeping your databases up to date is a perfect task to pass on to a virtual assistant. So instead of you spending hours plugging data into a spreadsheet or database, you can focus on growing your business. This will also help keep you organised, ensure your marketing information is up to date and provide your business with the information you need to grow.

Family Tasks

Did you know that virtual assistant services are for your whole life, not just for your business? A good VA can not only make your business life easier, but they can support you in building a happier life too. Need a good babysitter in a hurry? We can do that? Need someone to research the perfect gift for your anniversary, and have it delivered and wrapped? We’ve got it covered. Want someone to help you plan your child’s birthday party? Sorted. Professional virtual assistant services have the multitasking skills to manage all the little niggly parts of your life you might be struggling with, leaving you feeling less stressed and more fulfilled.

Sound good? Then there’s just one thing left to do. Go to the contact page and give us a call. At Your Admin Hub, we are here to help you get shit done and feel bloody good about it! If you’d like to know more about what we can do, or just chat about how a VA could help you, there’s only one thing you need to do.