Why Business Owners Avoid Admin (And Why They Shouldn’t)

When you first start your business, it’s pretty easy to stay on top of all your admin tasks. After all, there aren’t that many of them, and while you’re still scouting for your first clients you have all the time in the world to get them done. But as you grow and get busier those tasks become bigger and more complicated, and you have less time to get them done.  At this point, you might start to feel the crunch. And how you react to this admin pressure defines what […]

Got Research To Do? Here’s 4 Reasons To Let Us Do It For You

Have you ever had a big project to do? A long paper to write, or even a big proposal that needs some information to back it up? Then you know just how time-consuming research can be. It’s not just as simple as typing some stuff into Google and having the answers pop up in front of you. It often means hours of detailed searching, sifting, qualifying and refining information. Not to mention getting it all into a document that’s simple to read and makes it easy to find the information […]

Email Etiquette – The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

There aren’t really any industries out there that don’t use email. It’s just a fundamental part of business life now, and it’s often the only way we can communicate. So love it or hate it, you’re stuck with it! Now personally, we love email. It’s a really useful tool, especially as we work virtually, and need a good, reliable way to communicate with our clients. We wouldn’t really be able to function as a VA business without it. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its niggles. More specifically, there […]

Picking The Right Suppliers To Boost Your Business

When it comes to running a business, it’s difficult, if not impossible to do it on your own. In fact, one-man bands very quickly outgrow this stage, even if there is still only one employee on their books. That’s because all businesses need support, and they need suppliers. This can be anything from the company that manages your IT to the people you buy your components from, to the people who help you market your services. No matter what they do, they are part of your business success – so […]

Could You Outsource Your Inbox?

How often have you walked into the office first thing on a Monday morning and dreaded turning on your computer? Not because you don’t want to get to work, but because you know there will be a huge pile of new emails waiting for you in your inbox. You know answering all of them will take hours (not to mention several cups of coffee), and that’s time you just don’t have. You have work to do. Deadlines to meet. Virtual meetings to attend. But you do it anyway, because you […]

4 Best Practices For Hiring a VA

If you’ve never worked with a VA before, we know it can be a slightly daunting experience. Even more so if you’ve never outsourced anything for your business before! But don’t worry, a VAs job is to make your life easier, without you needing to fret about how. The only thing you need to worry about is making sure you’re following some of the best practices when outsourcing to your VA, so that the relationship can be as successful as you want it to be. Not sure what they are? […]

5 Ways You Could Be More Productive This Month

Look, we know how you’re feeling. The summer we had all been wishing for is definitely over, and now we’re in that transition into the colder months. It’s getting dark earlier again, it’s wet or overcast most days, and you’ve already had to get out your big jumper to avoid the dreaded ‘putting on of the heating’.  Add that to a year and a half of pandemic sapping all of your energy, it’s no surprise that you’re not really feeling all that productive! But as a business owner, you can’t […]

Managing Your Pricing as a Small Business Owner

Pricing is one of the biggest causes of stress for any business owner, but particularly for smaller, owner managed businesses. Price yourself too high and you will struggle to find customers, but price yourself too low and you will run yourself into the ground for a pittance. But, price your products correctly and you could enhance how much you sell, creating the foundation for a business that can be truly successful. It’s one of the hardest things to do, and unfortunately, it’s one part art and one part science, with […]

5 Time Management Tips For Small Businesses

As a small business owner, there are all sorts of pressures on your time. From customers to admin, managing employees and chasing leads, it can feel like you’re being pulled in a hundred different directions at once. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot you can do about being busy – it’s part and parcel of running a business. But you can make sure that you’re making the most of your time, so that you can pack as much productivity into the time you have as possible. Today, we’ve got a few […]

Is Admin Taking Over Your Life?

Do you feel overwhelmed by admin? The feeling of overwhelm is described a lot like drowning – not knowing which way is up, feeling like you’re struggling to breathe, and that you have no control. While lots of things in life can cause you to feel overwhelmed, one of the things we see time and time again with business owners is admin overwhelm. Too often business owners get sucked into this vortex of endless admin tasks that feel as though they have taken over your life, and you end up […]