Can A VA Help You Get Your Life Together?

A VA is for life, not just for business.

It sounds weird, but it’s true. At Your Admin Hub we are firm believers that since your work is a big part of your life, it should be treated as part of it. You can’t separate the two, and if you have a VA helping pick up some of the slack in your business work, why would you not do the same in your personal life?

The reality is, most people don’t hire a VA for their personal life because they haven’t the faintest idea what that would look like. And on top of the standard ‘life’ admin we can help with, Your Admin Hub have been working hard in the background to build some lifestyle VA services that can really take some of the strain of daily life away, and let you actually enjoy your free time.

The Eternal Balancing Act

Now, we’ve talked before about the myth of the work-life balance, and how the entire concept of being able to balance the two things is bullshit. Because your work is part of your life, not a separate entity that has nothing to do with you. And yet we see so many business owners chasing this idea that if they just worked harder, if they cram more work into less time, then they can achieve some sort of ideal balance where they could enjoy work and home life in equal measure.

Once again – that’s bullshit. There’s no such thing as a perfect balance point, mainly because that looks different for everyone. But keeping your work and personal life running smoothly can feel like a balancing act, with you running around spinning a bunch of different plates, trying to make sure nothing falls down. That’s the balancing act we’re talking about today.

At Your Admin Hub we all know too well how challenging it can be to keep juggling all the balls of modern life, and how often little things fall through the cracks. But we are lifestyle VAs, and it’s our job to make sure no balls get dropped, and those little things you might forget about get taken care of, so you can focus on the big, important things in your life. So we’ve put together 2 new services, designed to help you get (and keep) your life together.

The Grub Hub

Our first new service is called ‘The Grub Hub’ – and it’s designed to help you feed your flock and keep the cupboards full. The idea is simple – your personal VA will create a meal plan for your family each week, based on what your family likes and dislikes, and get everything you need delivered to your door. After having a chat with you to work out what you need, we work out a plan that fits into your lifestyle, and then using your preferred grocery provider we order all of the food for your meals, and some extra bits for your freezer as well. So if your week goes off the rails a bit (as we all know they do sometimes), you still have something easy and nutritious ready.  We even put the recipes together for you – so you don’t have to think about food or groceries at all. Just pick up and go! It’s a one-stop service that will come out of your existing admin package, so if you’re interested in outsourcing your weekly meal planning and grocery shopping, all you have to do is ask us!

Ask Lindi, She Knows

This is essentially putting a name on a thing we already do for almost everyone in our lives – and it’s not really a ‘service’ as such. It’s more like a nice, bug ‘Lindi Approves’ sticker. As VAs we work with a lot of local and not-so-local businesses, with specialist skills in almost all areas of work and life. And because we want the best for our customers, we make sure to check and vet all of our suppliers thoroughly, and use them ourselves where we can. So if we recommend a supplier, we do it because we know they will do an amazing job for you.

Ask Lindi, She Knows is essentially a ‘Lindi Approved’ stamp  that Lindi gives to these amazing suppliers. Soon there will be a new page going up on this website that will showcase all of the suppliers we use, know and approve of, so that you can see them for yourself. So if you’re looking for a specific thing and you want a personal recommendation, you can check out this page and see who we’ve given our stamp of approval to. Need a builder for that extension? Got one. Last-minute holiday booking? Sorted. Family lawyer to help through those tricky times? Got you covered.

As you can see, there are some very exciting things to come in the world of Your Admin Hub! You’ll start seeing more about these services popping up in the near future, and we can’t wait until you see them in action! If you have any questions in the meantime, or just need some help getting your life and your business sorted out, we’d love to help. Just get in touch with the team today, and you’ll find a friendly VA ready to take on some of the slack.