Got Research To Do? Here’s 4 Reasons To Let Us Do It For You

Have you ever had a big project to do? A long paper to write, or even a big proposal that needs some information to back it up? Then you know just how time-consuming research can be. It’s not just as simple as typing some stuff into Google and having the answers pop up in front of you. It often means hours of detailed searching, sifting, qualifying and refining information. Not to mention getting it all into a document that’s simple to read and makes it easy to find the information you want.

We’re Just Better At It

Let’s be honest, research probably isn’t your strong suit. In fact, it might be anything but. Unless you’re a professional researcher, it isn’t likely to be a skill set you’ve spent time perfecting. That means that, while you might be able to do research, you will be slow at it, and it will take you a lot more effort and energy to work out what information you need, where to find it and working out if it’s from a reputable source or not. But a VA? That’s what we do day in, day out. Research is in our blood, and we can apply that skill to almost any industry out there.

Save You Money

This might seem like an odd one, but hear me out. How much time do you think you spend on research for each project? Odds are you probably spend at least 4 hours, if not a few days, getting together everything you need. Even if it’s not all done in one chunk, research is often the most time-consuming element of any project. Now take the amount you charge your clients for an hour of your time, and work out how much money doing your own research is actually costing you. Is it a scary number? Odds are, a VA will be able to do all the research you need (plus more), faster, and for a fraction of that cost. So you can focus on the more important things, and we can do all the hard work.

Higher Quality Research

When it comes to research, more isn’t always better. It’s quality you’re looking for, rather than quantity, and that’s where a VA really shines. We have the skills to look critically at the resources in front of us, and pull together research that has all the information you need, along with sources and citations, in an easy to read format. This makes it easier for you to read, understand and use. Plus, we have access to more resources then the average business owner when it comes to research too, which means higher quality right away.

Give You Your Time Back

Speaking of all that time – wouldn’t it be nice if you could use it for more profitable things – like marketing, talking with prospects, or doing the work you need to deliver? Outsourcing your research gives you the gift of time, something we’re all short of at the moment. By outsourcing, you’ll be able to get more done, and actually gain time. So instead of spending all those hours tearing your hair out in front of a monitor, you could simply send your VA an email explaining what the project is and what research you need, and have a document drop into your inbox a few days later. Doesn’t that sound much nicer?

At Your Admin Hub, we specialise in research for businesses of all shapes and sizes. We’ve spent many years, honing the skills needed to do research efficiently and effectively, no matter the industry or project. If you’re putting off a project because of the amount of research involved, I would love to help you out. Just get in touch to find out more about how I can help you save time and money, and reduce your stress at the same time.