How a VA Can Keep Your Life Organised in 2023

Have you ever wished that you could have someone come to your house and adult for you? To help you manage all of those little annoying tasks that always seem to pile up, no matter how organised you try to be? Say no more!

Whether you’re tearing your hair out over planning an event, can’t seem to stop the spare bedroom from becoming a dumping ground or just can’t keep up with all the kids’ clubs and when you have to pay for all of them, we’re here to help. Because a VA is for more than just business, a VA is for life too, and here’s how we can help.

Child Wrangling

Let’s be real here – children are chaotic. Even the best-behaved little people require a lot of general wrangling, and that’s before they even start to get involved in activities. Keeping track of who is doing what and when can be daunting, along with what needs to be paid to who, what permission forms need to go to where, and even what time everything is. At Your Admin Hub, we have a lot of experience with children and their various activities, which makes us the perfect people to help you manage them. No matter how active they are! Think of it as one less thing for you to worry about,

Party Planning

Are big birthdays coming up this year? Young kids, who still want the whole class to come to their birthday party? We’re willing to bet you don’t enjoy planning all of those parties (there aren’t many people who do), so just imagine how nice it would be to outsource it all? A VA can help you with every aspect of party planning, from picking dates, sourcing venues, sending out invites, finding cakes, decorations and entertainment, organising menus, setting up the venue and even tidying up afterwards. In short, all of it! We’ve even put on a party for 90 in Spain on just 2 weeks’ notice! So it’s safe to say that party planning is a strong point of ours, so next time why not have us lend a hand?

Never Miss A Birthday

Be honest, how many times have you only realised it’s someone’s birthday the day before? Or worse, the day of? It happens to the best of us, but with a VA in your life, you won’t ever be caught out again. We can go through your calendar and create a list of all the important people in your life, when their birthdays are and what age they’re turning this year. We can then build you a little folder with 12 sections, labelled with the month, and whose birthday it is in that month. But we don’t stop there. We can then source birthday cards for each person and file them in the accordion folder for you, either neutral or themed around important ages etc. Keep it somewhere convenient, and you’ll never be caught short without a birthday card again. 

Posting And Deliveries

Do you buy a lot of things online? Or maybe you’re going through a selling phase and seem to be spending your whole life going to and from the post office? Either way, we’re sure your time is better spent doing other things. A VA can help on an ad hoc basis to deal with these busy times. Christmas is especially popular for post office runs, and we find ourselves helping a lot with returning online shopping around the start of summer as everyone refreshes their wardrobe. So if you have a big pile of packages to deal with, why not ask your VA to handle it for you?

At Your Admin Hub we don’t just keep your business on track, we help with your life admin too. Whether it’s managing your diary to make sure you never miss a school play or helping you declutter your home, we love organising, and want to show you how fun it is too! If you’d like to find out more, just get in touch with one of the team today.