Is Admin Taking Over Your Life?

Do you feel overwhelmed by admin?

The feeling of overwhelm is described a lot like drowning – not knowing which way is up, feeling like you’re struggling to breathe, and that you have no control. While lots of things in life can cause you to feel overwhelmed, one of the things we see time and time again with business owners is admin overwhelm. Too often business owners get sucked into this vortex of endless admin tasks that feel as though they have taken over your life, and you end up having to sacrifice days or even weeks of your precious work time just to get back on top of things. Often to have to repeat the cycle in a few months!

If admin is taking over your life, then there’s no doubt you need some help. Luckily – that’s what we’re here for. Read on to learn about why admin gets on top of you, the warning signs of admin overwhelm, and how you can get ahead of it for once.

How Does Admin Spiral?

Admin is one of those annoying things that tends to spiral out of control when you aren’t looking. You think you have just one thing to do, and then you blink and there’s 10 things. Blink again and it’s 50. But the reality is, admin builds up over time, and unless you are super-duper organised, it’s always going to spiral. When we talk to business owners, we do a little digging, and we tend to find that their admin has spiralled out of control for the same few reasons:

  • They didn’t want to do it
  • They were too focussed on something else
  • They didn’t know how to do it
  • They kept putting it off (because of reason 1)
  • They had no systems in place to deal with it

Now, points 1-4 are all in the business owners head – unless their mindset changes around admin, the admin will never get done. Point 5 is something that can help out, but ultimately unless points 1-4 are addressed, you’re never going to get on top of it anyway.

Warning Signs

Not sure if your admin is sneaking up on you? Here’s a few tell-tale signs to look out for:

You end up doing admin at home: If you have so much admin to do that you end up taking it home after the work day is done, that’s a major, major red flag. Work admin is something that should be able to fit into your work time easily. Sure, you might have to prioritise it sometime, but there should never be so much that you physically don’t have time in the workday to handle it.

You feel like you never have enough time to do work: If your to-do list is always full of admin tasks that outnumber your normal work, it’s another red flag. Yes, admin is an essential part of running a business, but it shouldn’t leave you with barely enough time to actually run the business!

You dread admin: If you go into work every day dreading the admin tasks you’ve got to do, then it’s pretty clear admin is an issue for you. Sure, not many people actively enjoy doing admin (except us), but it shouldn’t fill you with a sense of dread and doom every time you open the office door.


The good news is – we can help! Just call our names and we’ll come swooping in like admin super-heroes, taking everything off your plate and leaving you free to focus on delivering mazing services to your clients and generally running your business like a boss.

But in all seriousness, the cure to admin overwhelm is really very simple. Outsource it! There are surprisingly few business admin tasks that can’t be outsourced to a professional VA, and honestly your business will probably be much better for it! Not only will you know the tasks are actually getting done (no you’re not missing deadlines or generating fines for missing your said deadlines), but they will be done to a much higher standard than you can do while in that state of admin overwhelm. It also means you gain a lot of extra time back that you can focus on the valuable bits of your business – like prospecting, selling, and delivering work to new clients!

At Your Admin Hub, we love all the nitty gritty admin you can throw at us. The more complicated, the better! Our job is to make sure you can do your job properly. So whether you need someone to handle your bookkeeping, sort through endless receipts or, chase down late paying clients or even type up transcriptions and manage your orders for you – we can do it all.

So if you want a helping hand out of admin hell, you know what you need to do. Click this link here, and book your free coffee & chat today.

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