What The Hell Is A VA Anyway?

Have you ever heard someone talking about their VA and had no idea what they were actually talking about? Maybe you nodded and smiled while inwardly trying to figure out what it meant, and if it was some sort of weird code. Or maybe you’ve met one out in the wild, but haven’t had enough time to ask those burning questions about what they do before you were whisked away into the crowd.

Don’t worry, it’s not uncommon.

The truth is that VA’s have been around in some form or another for a long time. They actually evolved from the traditional ‘Personal Assistant’ you would find in offices. But a VA is virtual. They don’t work as an employee of your business, but as a contractor, taking on all those time-consuming administrative tasks in your business. You know, the ones that always end up at the bottom of the list, but still really need to get done?

That’s what a VA can do. They give you back your time and free you up to work on your business. But a lot of people get a little confused about what a VA actually does in their day-to-day routine, what sort of tasks they take on and how hiring one could help them improve their business.

So What does a VA Actually Do?

To keep it simple (because no one likes things that are complicated), a VA provides administrative support and specialised services to business owners and busy people. They act as your assistant – at your beck and call to take on the jobs you just don’t have the time or skill to do yourself, or that you just don’t want to do. It’s ok, we’ve all been there. They work with businesses on a flexible basis, giving support as and when it’s needed. VA’s tend to be highly organised, flexible and reliable, which is what makes them so good at taking care of day-to-day admin tasks. There is a very short list of what a VA can’t do for your business, and a very long one of what they can. In fact, here are just a few examples of the most common things they could do:

• Client liaison
• Invoicing and chasing payments
• Email marketing
• Appointment making and calendar management
• Email management
• Travel logistics and bookings
• Research
• General office duties
• Arranging resources for new starters
• Bookkeeping
• Event management – bookings, logistics, attendee communications, on the day support etc
• Concierge services
• Data entry

And that’s not all. But listing every single thing a VA could do would take forever, so if you want a more comprehensive list, just give us a call.

How Does It Work?

Hiring a VA isn’t really a complicated process. First, sit down and make or buy yourself a coffee. Decide is a VA is what you need, and make a list of all the tasks you would use one for. Then work out if you would be comfortable handing those things to someone else (we know it sounds daft, but it’s harder than it sounds). If you are, get out there and meet some VA’s. And honestly? Meet a few. Every VA is slightly different, with their own way of working, and you need to be able to choose one that will align with your business, your goals and your needs. For example, if you need someone to do just the tasks they’re given and otherwise melt into the background, there will be a VA out there who can do exactly that. If you need someone who’s going to get involved in your business, hold you accountable to the things you commit to doing and give you a kick up the butt when you need it, then we’re the VA’s for you.

Once you’ve found one you get on with, you can agree a price, number of hours (which could be set or flexible), sign a contract and set a start date. And because it’s a flexible thing, you can chop and change their tasks each month depending on how much you need them. It really is as simple as that.

Why Wouldn’t I Just Hire Someone In-House?

Good question. And honestly, some people do. But for a lot of business owners that’s just not a viable option yet. Hiring an employee is expensive, and it means you need to find work for them to do all year round. But with a VA, there is:

• No need for office space
• No payroll, tax or benefits
• No extra equipment to maintain
• No worries about sick leave, holiday or other time off


• You only pay for the time you need, so it saves you a lot of money
• You don’t need to teach them or educate them in any way, as VA’s are already experts in their field
• Your business is safe from deliverable misuses, such as personal phone calls during office hours or overtime costs due to lack of productivity

At Your Admin Hub, we work with business owners who have too many things to do and not enough time to do them in. We help you work out what tasks really need you to do them, and what could be handled by someone else. Thenwe do the bits that could be done by someone else, and help keep you accountable for the things you commit to doing yourself. With our help, you will see an increase in productivity for your business, and find that you have much more time in the day too! For more information, or to book a free consultation, just get in touch with us today.