Why A VA Should Be On Your Christmas List

Can we all just take a moment to agree that 2022 has been a fucking hard year? It’s been challenge after challenge, obstacle after obstacle and the fact that you’ve made it through in one piece is frankly amazing. And we’ve all definitely earned some time off over Christmas.

But if you run a business, then taking some time off over the festive period can feel difficult, and it can make you feel really anxious over the whole holiday. Which, let’s be honest, no one wants. So how can you really enjoy Christmas as a business owner? You close your eyes and wish really, really hard for Santa to bring you a VA!

They Can Help You Shop

Bet you didn’t expect that one, huh? But a VA isn’t just for business – we can help you organise your personal life too. From brainstorming gift ideas for your friends and family, doing comparisons to find the best prices and even getting everything bought and wrapped for you. If your business is particularly hectic around this time of year then doing your own Christmas shopping can fall to the bottom of the to-do list, and the longer it stays there the more stressful it gets! Ask your VA to give you a hand, you won’t regret it.

Communicate With Your Customers

Christmas greetings, invoice reminders, answering questions and managing your inbox are all part of a VAs daily life – especially at Christmas. While you’re busy cramming 4 weeks of work into just under 3 weeks, a VA can take care of things behind the scenes and make sure everything is ticking over. They can deal with issues that come up on your behalf, coming to you for big things and just handling the small ones themselves, so you aren’t bothered by them. Suddenly things will feel a lot less hectic for you.

2023 Planning

Now that the end of the year is imminent, you’re probably starting to plan for 2023. A VA can help you organise your diary, make sure all of the important dates are notes and brainstorm ideas for your Q1 marketing strategy. They can also do things like plan your cash flow for the new year based on your bookkeeping records, so that you have the right information to make good decisions for your business. Think of a VA like an extra pair of hands for your business, and an extra brain. You can use us to bounce ideas off, write out formal plans and generally keep yourself on track.

Festive Marketing

Christmas is one of the best times to push your marketing. Everyone’s in a generous mood and on the lookout for Christmas presents. Your VA  can help to boost sales by preparing a special seasonal promotion, sale or offer, or even by creating a festive social media campaign. They can manage the performance through the month and keep you updated on what new leads are coming in and where they’re coming from.

Manage Your Inbox

This is a busy time of year for your inbox. No doubt, it’s already flooded with Christmas greetings, last-minute requests and panicked queries from your clients who desperately need something to be done before Christmas. Your VA can carefully filter out the important emails that need your attention, respond to Christmas cards and file anything that can be dealt with in the new year. You’ll return to the office with an expertly organised inbox. This is a service offered year-round by most VAs, but Christmas is definitely when you will see the most benefit!

At Your Admin Hub we’re VAs with a difference. We get to know your business on a new level and become one of your team, handling everything the same way you would so that you can take a step back and relax. We’re as close to a clone of you as you could hope for! So if you need a little extra support in your business, why not give us a call?

And on that note, it’s time to enjoy the festive season! We hope you have a fantastic Christmas and New Year, get in some well-deserved rest, and come back in January refreshed and ready to take on the world. And until then, have fun!